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Hong Kong

Pilot Apprentice Program

Welcome to

Hong Kong's Largest Aviation Youth Summer Program!

We are excited to offer an unparalleled opportunity for



1200 Aspiring Pilots


to gain an in-depth experience in the aviation industry. Participants will have exclusive access to restricted airport areas, hands-on flight experiences, tours of airline facilities, and even the chance to


pilot a light aircraft.

This program aligns with the 14th Five-Year Plan to enhance Hong Kong's position as a major aviation hub, addressing the global shortage of aviation professionals. By supporting local airlines in training homegrown cadet pilots, we also promote the development of the low-altitude economy.

Our mission is to inspire and educate the next generation, preparing them for successful careers in aviation. Every participant will have the opportunity to fly a light aircraft, empowering them to believe in their dreams of reaching the sky.


The main objectives of this program are:

  • Inspire Young People: Through immersive field trips and hands-on experiences.

  • Promote Hong Kong: Highlighting its status as a leading aviation hub and showcasing career opportunities within the industry.

  • Create Opportunities: Helping local youth discover potential career paths.

  • Foster Interaction: Encouraging meaningful exchanges between participants and seasoned aviation professionals.

Join us and let your aviation dreams take flight!

Hong Kong Pilot Apprentice Program Course Outline

Target Age Group: 10-16 years old and above

Total Participants: 1200 students

Allocation: 40 schools and youth groups

Class Size: 25 students and 5 teachers

Course Description: This summer course offers students an in-depth and comprehensive experience in the aviation industry through piloting light aircraft, field trips, and flight simulators, inspiring their aviation dreams.

Class Date: Date of your choice

Class time: 6 am to 6 pm

Class location: Zhuhai Airline headquarters and General Aviation Airport

Learning Outcomes: Students will acquire foundational knowledge in aviation science, basic aircraft engineering, flight operation skills, and understanding of aviation communication and services.

Course Duration: 1 Day

Course Schedule: Flexible scheduling

Unique Features: Includes experiences with B787 and B737 full-motion simulators, restricted airport area tours, and real light aircraft flight experience.

Instructor Credentials: Taught by experienced pilots and certified instructors.

Course Certificate: Participants will receive a certificate from the Hong Kong Professional Airline Pilots Association upon completion.

Supporting Organizations

The Hong Kong Professional Airline Pilots Association (HKPAPA) is the organizer of this program, supported by various government and aviation industry organizations (in no particular order):

  • Hong Kong Government Home Affairs Department (Yau Tsim Mong)

  • Youth Network and Youth Advisory Committee (Yau Tsim Mong)

  • Association of Principals & Head Teachers

  • Local and Mainland Airlines

  • Flight Schools

  • Hong Kong Productivity Council (HKPC)


0700: Depart from school or designated meeting point

0845: Arrive in Zhuhai via Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge

0900-1100: China Southern Airlines Level D Simulator Flight Experience

  • Boeing 787/737, Airbus A320/330

  • Aviation Emergency Procedures Training

1100-1200: Lunch

1200-1300: Depart for Zhuhai General Aviation Airport

1300-1600: Activities at Zhuhai General Aviation Airport

  • Light Aircraft Trial Flight – Diamond DA40NG

  • Control Tower Tour and Interaction with Air Traffic Controllers

  • Aviation English Training

  • Career Path Exploration Workshop

  • Engineering Workshop (Exploring 10 Light Aircraft and Helicopters)

1600: Certificate Presentation and Group Photo, followed by departure from Zhuhai General Aviation Airport

1800: Arrive back at school or designated meeting point via Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge and dismiss

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Flight Experience

Trial Flight - Pilot a General Aviation Aircraft

Experience Simulated Airliner Flight

Multi Crew Cooperation Taster Course)

JOC (Jet Orientation Taster Course)

Airbus / Boeing full-motion simulator

(supposedly only for professional pilot training purposes)


Airport Restricted Area Site Visits

Visit the apron, maintenance zone, and airport 

Explore the apron and airfield

Experience Aircraft Engineering Site Visits

Visit airline training centres

Explore airport terminals

Theoretical Knowledge Workshop

Principles of Aircraft Engineering

Understanding of Flight Knowledge

Fundamental Flight Principles

Aviation Communication Terminology

Air Traffic Control

Understanding Aviation Services

Tour Information

  • Led by a licensed travel agency in Hong Kong.

  • Transportation provided by licensed cross-border coaches.

  • Includes cross-border travel insurance.

  • Trial flights operated by a CAAC-licensed flight school with insurance coverage.

  • Flight instruction provided by CAAC-licensed flight instructors.

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Course Details
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NextGen Aviation Professional

The goal of this program is to inspire participants to become future pilots. In addition to teaching the fundamental principles of flight, such as lift and aerodynamics, aircraft structure, and aviation communication terminology, participants will engage in a variety of interactive activities. These include flight route planning, emergency response drills, flight simulators, and field trips (such as visits to restricted areas of Zhuhai General Aviation Airport), further enriching their learning experience.

Unveiling the Mysteries of the Aviation Industry

Additionally, participants will learn about the concepts of air traffic control and the communication patterns between pilots and air traffic controllers through air traffic control simulation demonstrations and field visits. They will also have the opportunity to visit airline headquarters and experience Level D full-motion simulators for Boeing 787, 737 Max, or Airbus A350. Moreover, they will enjoy the real flight experience of piloting a light aircraft.

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Course Example
Course date

Course Registration

For more information and registration, please contact us. Let's help the next generation soar to new heights!


Please use your school or official email to send your registration to


We sincerely invite your students or youth organization to participate in the HKPAPA Pilot Apprentice Program. To ensure a smooth and organized experience, we kindly request the following information:

  • School Name:

  • Contact Person: (Name, Email, Phone)

  • Number of Participants: (Students, STEM Teachers/Support Staff)

  • Preferred Program Date:

  • Special Requirements: (Dietary restrictions, medical conditions, etc.)

  • Consent Forms: (Confirmation of obtaining parental/guardian consent)

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