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Dive into the light aircraft simulated flying experience, perfect for aspiring pilots of all ages! Our simulator opens the door to the world of aviation for both adults and kids, sparking dreams and revealing the thrill of piloting an aircraft.

Our simulation flights are a family favorite, offering a unique blend of realistic flying challenges and fun. It's an ideal way to introduce children to aviation or for enthusiasts to refine their skills. With a variety of scenarios including different airports and weather conditions, participants control every aspect of their flight, from taxiing to soaring high in the skies.

Experience flying with our expert instructors, all active local airline crew with specialized training in the Cessna C172 simulator. They bring their in-depth knowledge and high service standards to ensure an immersive and educational experience.

Join us in the cockpit and take control. From the moment you start the Cessna C172's engine to the thrill of takeoff and landing, it's an unforgettable journey into the clouds. Unlock your potential and the magic of flight with our virtual flying experience.

Course Overview

Course Name: Light Aircraft Flight Simulation Course

Target Age Group: 4 to 99 years old

Course Description: This course offers an exciting introduction to the world of aviation for the next generation of pilots through hands-on learning and immersive simulator experiences, aiming to inspire and educate.

Learning Outcomes: From no experience to solo flight, basic principles of flight, aircraft control, and simulator flight training.

Class Size: 1-on-1

Course Duration: 6 flight sessions totaling 6 hours

Course Schedule: Flexible scheduling

Course Fee: $6,000, including all materials and simulator use

Unique Features: Utilizes state-of-the-art flight simulators and interactive game-based learning modules.

Instructor Credentials: Taught by experienced pilots and certified instructors.

Course Certificate: Participants will receive a certificate from the Hong Kong Professional Airline Pilots Association upon completion.

Your destination awaits. You can choose to land at over 24,000 airports around the world! You can also challenge famous airports with difficult landings, including the famous old Hong Kong Kai Tak Airport!

The plane is currently flying at an altitude of 4,000 feet. You can enjoy the magnificent scenery around you, but please don't get carried away. Remember that you still need to control the plane; on the one hand, maintain the flight speed and altitude, and on the other hand, keep your eyes on the front. In addition, you need to pay attention to air traffic conditions, monitor various instruments and related indicator lights of different systems, and complete the same procedures as real flights!

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An introductory simulated flight is carried out in the simulated cockpit; you can choose to take off and land, fly around the city and try various challenging experiences!

Kids Running

Cessna C172 simulated cockpit features

  • Precision cockpit equipment, instruments and systems

  • 180-degree panoramic visual effects

  • Any time and weather

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6 flying lessons

from no experience to first solo flight

Each lesson includes 30 minutes of brief theory and 30 minutes of simulated flight

6 hours in total

1. Taxi and the effects of aircraft flight control systems

2. Straight and level flight

3. Climbing and descending

4. Turning and Stall Recovery

5. Approach and landing

6. Airport circulation and emergency response

HKD 6000

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Do I need any flying experience?

Not at all. Each flight journey is tailored to your personal level of aviation knowledge and experience.

Can I operate the simulator?

Absolutely. You will be hands-on with the flight simulator throughout your session.

Do I need to complete an initial flight journey before trying others?

No, you can participate in any flight journey without any prior experience.

How technical are the flight briefings, and will I be able to understand everything?

Yes, you will. Our flight instructors will craft the most suitable flight experience plan for you, adjusting the journey to your level. Even if you're completely new to flying, we'll have you feeling like a pilot in no time.

Is the experience conducted one-on-one or in a group?

Each session is conducted on a one-on-one basis.

Can I bring a friend along for the experience?

Of course. There's an additional seat available behind the cockpit for your friend to watch your flight at no extra charge.

What's the minimum age requirement?

We recommend a minimum age of 4 years old, with no maximum age limit.

Is the cockpit fully enclosed?

Our simulator cockpit isn't fully enclosed, providing a high degree of realism while accommodating those who may feel uncomfortable in completely enclosed spaces.

Does the cockpit move?

While our simulator cockpit is a fixed installation, the panoramic visuals and sound effects create an unparalleled sensory experience, making it feel incredibly real.


For Full motion Experience, please visit the Flight Experience Page.

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Success stories/testimonials

My ten-year-old can't stop talking about the flight they "piloted". It's been an excellent introduction to aviation for them.!

Parents of past participants
Quton Li
10 Years old, HKIS

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