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Aerospace Youth Ambassador Summer Program Tour OVERVIEW

Welcome to the Hong Kong Aerospace Youth Ambassador Program! This summer, you will have the rare opportunity to visit aviation facilities, an experience seldom available to the public. Please always conduct yourselves with respect and professionalism.

Aviation Experience

  • Visit Asia's largest aviation training center

  • Aviation Safety Training

  • Understand aircraft escape procedures, use life jackets and escape slides, and learn impact postures

  • Practical Flying Session - Boeing 787 Level D Simulator

Flight Experience

  • Obtain an airport restricted area permit

  • Visit the hangars, parking bays, and airports

  • Visit the hangars, parking bays, and airports

  • Visit 10 different models of single-engine aircraft and Helicopter guided tour

  • Visit the airport control tower operations

  • Actual DA40 fixed wing aircraft flying

Visiting the Asia's largest aviation training center

We begin with flight theory, followed by hands-on training on randomly assigned full-flight simulators (FFS). Active pilots undergo biannual proficiency checks in the full-motion simulators, focusing on areas where theory and practice diverge. Simulations include severe weather conditions and mechanical failures.

Airport Operation - Behind the Scene

Explore the aviation world up close by visiting the aircraft hangars, parking aprons, and the bustling environment of the airport itself. Experience firsthand where the magic of flight begins as you walk through areas where airplanes are housed and maintained, and witness the complex operations that keep an airport running smoothly. Additionally, take an exclusive tour of the airport control tower, where you can observe the intricate process of air traffic management. See how controllers maintain order and safety in the skies by directing aircraft on the ground and in the air, providing a unique perspective on the vital role they play in aviation. This in-depth visit offers a fascinating glimpse into the behind-the-scenes activities that make air travel possible.

Aviation Safety Training

Embark on an exhilarating journey into the realm of aviation safety with our comprehensive emergency escape training. This immersive experience goes beyond the basics, teaching you the vital skills needed in crisis situations. Learn the step-by-step aircraft emergency evacuation procedures, master the art of donning life vests swiftly, and practice deploying and descending escape slides with confidence. Moreover, you'll train to adopt the proper brace positions during impact scenarios, preparing you to act decisively and safely under pressure. This training is not just about learning; it's about transforming into a more competent and prepared individual, ready to handle any emergency that might arise in the skies.

Actual flying Lesson

Experience the thrill of piloting a DA40 fixed-wing aircraft, a moment you've eagerly anticipated. Under the guidance of a licensed instructor, you’ll take the controls and truly understand what it means to fly. This is more than just a flight lesson; it's a hands-on initiation into the world of aviation. Your instructor will provide you with comprehensive training, covering everything from basic flight maneuvers to more advanced techniques, all tailored to your pace and comfort level.

As you grip the controls, feel the aircraft respond to your touch and the horizon stretch out before you. This session not only empowers you with the skills needed to pilot the DA40, but also imbues a deep sense of confidence and achievement. Whether you’re considering a career in aviation or simply fulfilling a lifelong dream, flying with a licensed instructor in a DA40 is an unforgettable experience that could spark a lifelong passion for the skies.

Rules and Regulation

Prior to departure, all participants must ensure that their ID cards and Home Return Permits are with them. It's crucial to adhere strictly to the departure schedule; delays will not be accommodated, and dates once confirmed cannot be changed, except in the event of a Typhoon Signal No. 8.

Our journey aligns with the China Southern Airlines Training Center schedules, and it's important to note that should Typhoon Signal No. 8, force majeure circumstances, political or military events occur, scheduled flights of real aircraft (fixed-wing or helicopter) may be delayed or rescheduled according to the situation.

Upon entering the headquarters of the China Southern Airlines Training Center, all participants are required to wear their flight uniforms (uniforms will be provided; however, belts need to be arranged by yourselves, and ties may be brought from your school). Within the training center, it is imperative to avoid loitering and raising your voices. All must remain quiet and patiently wait for the pilot briefing and aircraft handover processes. Carrying a mobile phone is essential for health declarations and obtaining clearance for airport restricted areas.

In the restricted areas of the airport, wearing reflective vests is mandatory, and it is vital to maintain order without loud noises or disruptive behavior. Given the hot weather, participants are advised to bring water bottles with sufficient water and, if prone to motion sickness, appropriate medication. Those with chronic illnesses should carry necessary medications, and participants with food allergies must declare them beforehand. As travel times can be long, you are also encouraged to bring snacks.

This comprehensive preparation will ensure a smooth and educational experience for all involved in this unique exploration of aviation.


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