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HKPAPA x ESF School Fair @ Kowloon Junior School

Imagine the thrill in your child's eyes as they stand at the threshold of the sky, the legendary Kai Tak Airport runway beneath their feet, pulsating with history and anticipation. For some families, the allure of flight is so compelling that they happily wait in line for over 45 minutes, all for that electrifying moment of liftoff. 🎮✈️ Our recent event at the English Schools Foundation Kowloon Junior School wasn't just an ordinary gathering; it was a vibrant celebration of flight and a heartfelt gesture of community engagement.

The crown jewel of our event was the Flight Simulation Workshop, brought to life by the skilled volunteer pilots from the Hong Kong Professional Pilots Association. But the magic didn't stop there; every penny raised was graciously donated to the school's Parent-Teacher Association, turning joy into double delight for the enthusiastic families involved. 🎉💖

But hold onto your hats, because the excitement is just taking off! We are ecstatic to unveil our 5th Annual Summer Course, a treasure trove of unforgettable flight experiences and enriching learning opportunities that promise to elevate young minds. From taking the controls of a full-motion Airbus simulator alongside real-life airline pilots to navigating a light aircraft through the clear blue sky, we're offering a once-in-a-lifetime adventure for every budding pilot. 🎖🛫

This is your invitation to journey beyond the horizon and dive into the vast, fascinating world of aviation. With wings wide open, your child is poised for discovery. Don't let this moment fly by; visit our website at, delve into our array of courses, and watch as your child's dream of flight soars to new heights!

👉 Ready to give your child a summer filled with awe-inspiring adventures? Our flight courses are meticulously designed to transform their lofty dreams into soaring realities, sketching vibrant trails across the sky. Enroll now and set the stage for an unforgettable voyage into the world of aviation!

Embark on a Soaring Adventure: Ignite Your Child's Dreams of Flight This Summer!


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