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克服飛行恐懼課程 Fear of Flying Course

Conquer Your Fear - Fly With Confidence!

  • 4 小時
  • 7,000 港元 起
  • Austin Road West


Hong Kong Professional Airline Pilot Association's Fear of Flying Course is a comprehensive program designed to help individuals overcome their fear and anxiety related to air travel. Led by experienced pilots and aviation professionals, the course provides a supportive and informative environment where participants can address their common fears and concerns. Through a combination of classroom sessions, interactive exercises, practical techniques, personalized guidance and simulated flight experiences, participants gain a deeper understanding of aviation, flight safety, and effective coping strategies. The course also includes a simulated flight experience to gradually expose participants to the sensations of flying, building their confidence and desensitizing them to triggers that may cause fear. This course offers a transformative journey towards reclaiming the joy of air travel. Join HKPAPA's Fear of Flying Course and embark on a transformative journey to conquer your fear of flying. This comprehensive program provides a supportive environment to address common fears and concerns associated with air travel. Don't let fear limit your experiences and adventures—sign up for the Fear of Flying Course and take to the skies with confidence. 香港專業飛行員協會(HKPAPA)的飛行恐懼課程是一項綜合性課程,旨在幫助個人克服與航空旅行相關的恐懼和焦慮。 在經驗豐富的飛行員和航空專業人士的帶領下,該課程提供了一個支持性和信息豐富的環境,參與者可以在其中解決他們共同的恐懼和擔憂。 通過課堂教學、互動練習、實用技術、個性化指導和模擬飛行體驗相結合的方式,使學員對航空、飛行安全和有效應對策略有更深入的了解。 該課程還包括模擬飛行體驗,讓參與者逐漸接觸飛行的感覺,建立他們的信心,並使他們對可能引起恐懼的觸發因素不敏感。 本課程提供了一次重拾航空旅行樂趣的變革之旅。 參加香港專業飛行員協會(HKPAPA)的克服飛行恐懼課程,踏上克服飛行恐懼的變革之旅。 這個綜合計劃提供了一個支持性的環境來解決與飛行旅行相關的常見恐懼和擔憂。 不要讓恐懼限制您探索世界——立即報名參加“飛行恐懼症”課程,自信地飛向天空。


Before purchasing tickets, carefully review your event selection. Unless otherwise agreed by Hong Kong Professional Airline Pilots Association Limited and the simulator provider, tickets are non-refundable. Certain tickets may be exchanged for tickets from us of equal or higher value. There are no refunds, returns or changes for tickets purchased through resale, tickets purchased with the additional related item and/or bundled products - No refund and no exchange. In addition, we may occasionally offer tickets at a discount after the original on-sale date and will not refund the difference between the original price and the sale price. Events times are representative of the actual event, however, they are subject to change at any time and refunds are not allowed if the event time is updated.


  • Hong Kong Professional Airline Pilots Association 香港專業飛行員協會, Austin Road West, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong


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