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航天大使計劃暑期課程 Aerospace Youth Ambassador

8-12、12-16、16+ Years old 本暑期課程透過駕駛小型飛機、實地考察和模擬飛行,為學員提供深入航空業的全方位體驗,啟發航空夢想。

  • 開始日期 7月1日
  • 15,000 港元 起
  • Austin Road West



航天大使計劃 (暑期課程) 旨在透過駕駛小型飛機、活動和實地考察讓學員深入了解航空業各方面。學員將參觀香港國際機場的停機坪、貨運區、維修區和機場消防局,了解停機坪和飛行區的基本運作和維修知識,激發對航空業的興趣。 The Aerospace Ambassadors Summer Program aims to provide participants with a comprehensive understanding of various aspects of the aviation industry through engaging activities and site visits. Participants will explore the apron, cargo area, maintenance zone, and airport fire service station at the Hong Kong International Airport to learn about the basic operations and maintenance knowledge of the apron and airfield, sparking their interest in the aviation industry. 課程包括飛機工程原理、機場實地考察、模擬飛行、真實飛行體驗等,深化對飛機工程和飛行知識的理解。目標是啟發學員成為機師,教授飛行基礎原理和航空溝通術語,並進行飛行模擬和實地考察。學員還將了解航空交通管制和航空服務,參觀航空公司的培訓中心和機場客運大樓,並體驗模擬飛行和實際飛行。 The program includes topics such as aircraft engineering, principles of flight, various site visits, flight simulations, and real flight experiences to deepen participants' understanding of aircraft engineering and aviation knowledge. The objective is to inspire participants to become pilots by teaching them fundamental flight principles and aviation communication terminology, as well as engaging them in flight simulation and site visits. Participants will also learn about air traffic control and aviation services, visit airline training centres and airport terminals, and have the opportunity to experience both simulated and actual flights. 航天大使計劃 (暑期課程) 課程大綱​ 目標年齡組: 8-12歲、12-16歲、16歲+ 學位分配: 每年20名學員 班級大小: ~5學員 課程描述: 本暑期課程透過駕駛小型飛機、實地考察和模擬飛行,為學員提供深入航空業的全方位體驗,啟發航空夢想。 學習成果: 學員將掌握航空科學基礎、飛機工程基礎、飛行操作技巧,並瞭解航空溝通及服務。 課程時長: 正常課程 共10節 (20小時) | 濃縮課程 共5節 (10小時) ​課程地點:香港大嶼山機場島、珠海 課程時間表: 可選擇多個課程日期 課程費用: $15,000+,包括所有通行證、飛行員學員制服、材料和模擬器使用 獨特功能: 包括A350全動模擬器體驗、機場禁區考察,以及真實小型飛機飛行體驗。 導師資格: 由經驗豐富的民航飛行員和認證教練教授 課程證書: 完成後獲得香港專業飛行員協會的證書 Aerospace Ambassadors Summer Program Overview Target Age Group: 8-12, 12-16, 16+ years old Course Description: Immerse yourself in the thrilling world of aviation with hands-on flying, state-of-the-art simulators, and insightful field trips designed to inspire and educate aspiring pilots of all ages. Learning Outcomes: Gain foundational knowledge in aviation science, master basic aircraft engineering and flight operations, and understand aviation communication and service protocols.



Before purchasing tickets, carefully review your event selection. Unless otherwise agreed by Hong Kong Professional Airline Pilots Association Limited and the simulator provider, tickets are non-refundable. Certain tickets may be exchanged for tickets from us of equal or higher value. There are no refunds, returns or changes for tickets purchased through resale, tickets purchased with the additional related item and/or bundled products - No refund and no exchange. In addition, we may occasionally offer tickets at a discount after the original on-sale date and will not refund the difference between the original price and the sale price. Events times are representative of the actual event, however, they are subject to change at any time and refunds are not allowed if the event time is updated.


  • Hong Kong Professional Airline Pilots Association 香港專業飛行員協會, Austin Road West, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong


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