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60分鐘王牌級終極飛行體驗 Ultimate Airline Pilot Exp

60分鐘全動感模擬飛行 (VIP包機) 王牌級終極飛行體驗 60 minutes full-motion Flight experience

  • 2 小時
  • 10,000 港元
  • Austin Road West


60分鐘全動感模擬飛行 (VIP包機) 王牌級終極飛行體驗 香港飛澳門台北曼谷東京 玩轉東南亞 一人價錢三人同行 在模擬器內模擬飛行60分鐘 其中包括 -60分鐘親自駕駛手動飛行(PF) -1小時課程 ​ 實際航空公司SOP標準工作流程及Checklist 起飛到降落,與ATC空中交通管制員通信 Before Takeoff Checklist > 香港國際機場07右跑道起飛 > OCEAN2A SID標準離場航線 > 維港遊覽 >東龍洲 TD VOR > General Handling > 台北桃園機場ILS 05右跑道降落或全球60個不同的機場降落 ​剩餘時間可以分享給陪同人或練習著陸,可供培訓情況包括:側風著陸,發動機故障(在復飛過程中被切斷發動機),單引擎復飛/著陸,TCAS,風切變,ECAM動作或VMMC Circuit 活動當日最後時段,更加可以培訓失控減壓,著火,冒煙, 緊急疏散 (只適用於有經驗的飛行員或Flight Simmer) 模擬器內允許四個人參與,譬如: 一人模擬飛行 (MCC),其餘兩人觀看 兩人模擬飛行 (MCC),其餘一人觀看 三人模擬飛行,每人20分鐘 四人模擬飛行,每人15分鐘 ​ 全動感模擬飛行 港幣7000元 60 minutes full-motion Flight experience The Ultimate Airline Pilot Experience, As real as it gets! Hong Kong to Tokyo, Bangkok or Taipei 60 minutes in the Simulator Which includes - 60 minutes manual hands-on flying time in the full-motion Level D Full Flight Simulator as Pilot Flying - 1-hour course Actual airline Standard Operating Procedure, standard workflow and Checklist from takeoff, cruise to landing, communication with the air traffic controller ​ The Route Before Takeoff Checklist> Hong Kong International Airport Runway 07 Right > OCEAN2A SID Standard Departure Route> Victoria Harbour Tour >Tung Lung TD VOR> General Handling> Taipei Taoyuan Airport ILS 05 landing on the right runway or landing at different airports worldwide ​The remaining time can be shared with an accompanying person or practice landings. Training conditions include: crosswind landing, engine failure (engine is cut off during the go-around), single-engine go-around and landing, TCAS, wind shear, ECAM Action or VMMC Circuit For the last session of the day, you can also train for aircraft stall, decompression, fire, smoke, and emergency evacuation (only for experienced pilots and Flight Simmer) Four people are allowed to participate in the simulator, such as: One person simulates the flight (MCC), the other two observe Two people simulate the flight (MCC), the other one observes Flight Experience for three persons, 20 minutes per person Flight Experience for four persons, 15 minutes per person No prior experience required Full-Motion Flight Experience HK$ 7000


Before purchasing tickets, carefully review your event selection. Unless otherwise agreed by Hong Kong Professional Airline Pilots Association Limited and the simulator provider, tickets are non-refundable. Certain tickets may be exchanged for tickets from us of equal or higher value. There are no refunds, returns or changes for tickets purchased through resale, tickets purchased with the additional related item and/or bundled products - No refund and no exchange. In addition, we may occasionally offer tickets at a discount after the original on-sale date and will not refund the difference between the original price and the sale price. Events times are representative of the actual event, however, they are subject to change at any time and refunds are not allowed if the event time is updated.


  • Hong Kong Professional Airline Pilots Association 香港專業飛行員協會, Austin Road West, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong

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