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You received an invitation to attend an assessment in Hong Kong. Whether you're type rated or non-type rated, we will help you to get through your job interview.

The difference in culture, procedures, food and languages on top of the interview can be quite a daunting experience.

Expert guidance for your airline interview, an aviation specialist, pilot recruitment manager and senior training captain with key knowledge together with up-to-date and current recruiting methods.


This preparation course is tailored towards your specific airline, giving you the opportunity to concentrate on specific areas of the assessments​.

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Preparation is the key to success 

  • 單對單與飛機師招聘經理面試

  • 航空臨床心理評估

  • 小組討論培訓班

  • 數值,語言和技術推理培訓班

  • 培訓研討班

  • 飛機師技能研討班

  • 國際民航組織英語考試培訓班

  • 針對您特定航空公司量身定制課程

  • 課程後提供完整表現報告





$ 5,000港幣

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