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Exciting Beginnings: HKPAPA Aerospace Youth Ambassador Summer Programme Briefing Session

This past weekend marked a milestone for aspiring young aviators as HKPAPA hosted its highly anticipated Aerospace Youth Ambassador Summer Programme Briefing Session. Held both online and offline at our Bay Area Aviation Research Center, the event saw an impressive turnout of over 300 enthusiastic participants eager to embark on their aviation journey.

The atmosphere was electric as future pilots, donned in their smart pilot uniforms, filled the room with smiles and anticipation. "It was incredible to see these young talents picking up their uniforms, looking every bit the part of future aviators," remarked Dr. Chan, one of the proud parents in attendance.

The programme director kicked off the session with an engaging briefing on rules and regulations, ensuring everyone understood the importance of safety and discipline in aviation. "It was not just informative but also quite entertaining! They managed to keep us parents engaged too," shared Attorney. Wong, another parent of a attendee.

A highlight of the briefing was the detailed explanation of the class schedule and the upcoming Zhuhai trip. "I can't wait to hear more about their adventures in Zhuhai! The interactive Q&A session really helped clarify all our doubts," exclaimed Prof. Lee, an International School Headteacher and a parent whose child is eager to explore the skies.

The session culminated in a memorable group photo, capturing the essence of ambition and camaraderie among the 30 future pilots proudly standing on stage in their full uniforms. "Seeing them up there, you couldn't help but feel inspired. This programme is shaping a new generation of aviation enthusiasts," reflected Captain Yuen, an airline pilot as well as a parent visibly moved by the sight.

Quotes from parents to their children resonated with dreams of flight and future ambitions. "I want to be a pilot just like you," whispered little Emily to her older brother Brian, igniting aspirations that soared higher than the Diamond DA40NG aircraft they eagerly await to fly. Another parent expressed excitement about the opportunities ahead, "We're looking forward to exploring the flying opportunities in the GBA and Hong Kong, and perhaps even signing up for the private pilot license course with HKPAPA!"

As Hong Kong Professional Airline Pilots Association gears up for an eventful summer empowering young minds in aviation, the enthusiasm and support from parents and participants alike serve as a testament to the program's impact. Stay tuned as these future aviators take flight towards their dreams, guided by HKPAPA's commitment to excellence and passion for aviation education.


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