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In alignment with Hong Kong's strategic positioning as laid out in the "14th Five-Year Plan", which aims to solidify the city's role as one of the eight central hubs, the Hong Kong Professional Airline Pilots Association has organized a series of career-themed experience activities. These initiatives are designed to introduce young people who are interested in the field to the world of aviation, helping them to understand and prepare for a career in this dynamic industry early on. The Association was honored to host Executive Council member and Legislative Councilor Hon. Gary Chan Hak-kan BBS, JP, alongside Legislative member Hon. Edward Leung Hei, and a group of young representatives for a visit to our office and to participate in these aviation activities.

During their visit, the young participants had the unique opportunity to engage directly with pilots, ask questions, and learn basic flying principles. Exceptional participants even had the chance to experience a level D Airbus A350 flight simulator, providing them with a realistic feel of piloting and deepening their interest in aviation careers.

Councilor Leung Hei shared his experience on social media, humorously noting that being a pilot and a councilor share two main aspects: "pressing buttons" and "using the microphone". He joked that a pilot's control panel has far more buttons than found in the council chambers, and that his voice lacks the magnetic quality of a pilot's.

This pilot experience event organized by the Hong Kong Professional Airline Pilots Association is part of the broader effort to support Hong Kong's development into an "International Aviation Hub". The initiative is designed not only to cultivate future talent but also to provide young people with a firsthand understanding of what a career in aviation could entail, empowering them to pursue their interests and ambitions within this global industry.


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