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Step into the cockpit of our 1:1 scale Airbus A330 Full Flight Simulator, the epitome of aviation simulation technology. This experience, tailored for both aviation enthusiasts and professionals, is brought to you by the Hong Kong Professional Airline Pilot Association, right in the vibrant heart of Hong Kong.

Image by Fasyah Halim

Choose Your Adventure

From over 24,000 airports, pick your route. Whether it's navigating the Alps or mastering challenging landings at airports like Innsbruck, St. Maarten, and Madeira, the choice is yours.

Customized Sessions

Our simulator experiences are personalized to match your skill level and preferences, ensuring an immersive and valuable session, regardless of your experience.


Level D
Full Motion

Experience the pinnacle of flight simulation with our Level D Full Motion Simulator, offering unparalleled realism in flight dynamics and environmental conditions.



Proudly certified by the Hong Kong Civil Aviation Department (HKCAD) and the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC), our simulator meets the highest standards of realism and accuracy.


Achievement Certificate

Conclude your session with a personalized certificate, commemorating your achievements and experience.

Gift Voucher

Surprise someone with the gift of flight. Our elegant Voucher style boarding pass is available for physical delivery or as an eVoucher for those last-minute gifts.

Image by Nicholas Jeffries


Operating 24/7, our simulator operates under the rigorous training schedules of commercial aviation, please maintain professional during your visits, we priorities professional airline pilot training.

Guest Policy

maximum of 3 additional guests due to space constraints.

Image by Abby AR

Ready for Takeoff?

Embark on a unique journey with our Airbus A330 simulator. Whether for fun, education, or advancing your piloting career, we offer an unmatched experience that promises to elevate your love for aviation. Join us and let your dreams take flight.

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