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Reach for the Sky

Unlocking Youth Potential with HKPAPA School Outreach.

HKPAPA School Outreach Program empowers and inspires students to reach their full potential by connecting them with experienced professional pilots who share their stories, career paths, and valuable insights about the aviation industry. Through motivational talks, we foster resilience, teamwork and the desire to make a positive impact on society.


Reach for the sky with HKPAPA School Outreach!

Free for educational institutions and registered charity



Motivational speaking

The HKPAPA School Outreach Program brings together volunteer professional pilots to serve as motivational speakers. Our program focuses on inspiring the next generation by providing them with valuable insights into the aviation industry, emphasizing the importance of education and perseverance, and helping students to dream big.


Through our talks, we motivate students to foster resilience, teamwork, and a desire to make a positive impact in their communities. Our mission is to guide young people towards excellence through passionate role models.

Aviation industry Knowledge

Aviators working with the HKPAPA School Outreach Program provide consulting services to students, families, and other professionals looking for guidance in understanding and navigating the aviation industry.


Our knowledgeable volunteers help individuals by answering questions about flight operations and providing education-related advice on topics such as airline pilot careers, aircraft maintenance management, air traffic control systems engineering, or being a professional aerobatic performer. Consultation sessions focus on clarifying interests and helping identify the best path towards reaching those goals. We

Career path Workshops

Through engaging career path workshops, HKPAPA School Outreach Program brings together volunteer professional pilots to share their personal stories and insights in the aviation industry. We assist students in envisioning a future career that is achievable with dedication, planning, and taking the right steps along the way.


Our speakers explain what inspired them to pursue a career in aviation, how they overcame challenges along their journey, and valuable advice for students looking to enter this thriving field. By attending our workshop sessions, students gain a better



Encouraging Inspirational Role Models

By bringing professional pilots into classrooms and communities, the HKPAPA School Outreach Program provides students with inspiring role models that will motivate them to strive for excellence. During these talks, students are able to learn from role models who have achieved success in their field, allowing them to gain knowledge and motivation while also developing a sense of connection with individuals who serve as an example of what hard work can achieve

Inspirational guidance from experienced professionals

The HKPAPA School Outreach Program provides students with unrivaled access to experienced professional pilots. These speakers share their stories and experiences in a way that is both relatable and inspiring, encouraging students to pursue their dreams while learning what it takes to be successful in the aviation industry. Through these speeches, they impart valuable life lessons such as resilience, determination, teamwork, and resourcefulness—all

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Providing Inspiring Talks to the Next Generation of Leaders

Our program offers aspiring pilots and aviation enthusiasts an opportunity to hear from experienced and professional pilots about their life stories, career paths, and tips for success. By hearing from these inspiring speakers, students can get motivated to pursue the field of aviation or any other path they desire.


The HKPAPA School Outreach Program provides a platform for students to envision that anything is possible with hard work and dedication.


Discover future talents
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For those who want to apply to join Hong Kong Professional Pilots Association School Outreach Program,

please provide the following information and email to

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  • Assembly/Class Size

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  • Date and Time

  • Specific Themes

  • Any special request

Assist us in delivering a tailored and impactful outreach program that aligns with student's needs and expectations and maximizes the overall learning experience.

Free for schools, educational institutions and charities

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