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Ultimate Experience

Trial Flying Lesson

Embark on a journey with thousands of pilots who began their flying careers or hobbies with the Hong Kong Professional Pilots Association. This course is designed not only for those looking to enter the aviation industry but also for parents wishing to give their children a taste of flying.

Before taking to the skies, you'll dive into the essentials of trial flying, covering:

  • Basic Principles of Flight: Understand the forces and principles that allow an aircraft to fly.

  • Aircraft Mechanics: Learn about the inner workings and mechanics of an aircraft.

  • Pre-Flight Checks: Master the essential checks and preparations needed before takeoff.

  • Aircraft Controls: Get hands-on with the yoke, rudder pedals, and throttle, and learn how to maneuver an aircraft in the air.

We'll also explore the various types of aircraft commonly used in flight, such as the single-engine piston aircraft, discussing their pros and cons. Moreover, safety is paramount, so we'll delve into crucial considerations like weather conditions, airspace restrictions, and emergency procedures to ensure a safe and enjoyable flying experience.

Course Overview

Course Name: Trial Flying Lesson

Target Age Group: 8+ years old

Course Description: This introductory trial flight course is designed to provide aviation enthusiasts and aspiring pilots with hands-on flying experience and fundamental knowledge of aviation. It covers the principles of flight, aircraft mechanics, pre-flight checks, and aircraft controls.

Learning Outcomes: Upon completing the course, participants will understand the basic principles of flight, be familiar with the structure and control systems of an aircraft, and under the guidance of a professional instructor, personally experience and operate the takeoff, flight, and landing of an aircraft.

Class Size: 1-on-1

Course Duration: 3 sessions totaling 6 hours with 60 minutes simulated flying and 30 minutes actual flying

Course Schedule: Flexible scheduling

Course Fee: $8,000, including all materials and simulator, aircraft rental, instructor fees and insurance

Course Location: Hong Kong and Zhuhai

Unique Features: The course offers the opportunity to personally operate a Diamond DA40 aircraft, with in-depth safety briefings covering weather, airspace, and emergency procedures, tailored to the diverse flying environments of Hong Kong and the Greater Bay Area.

Instructor Credentials: Taught by experienced pilots and certified instructors.

Course Certificate: Participants will receive a certificate from the Hong Kong Professional Airline Pilots Association upon completion.

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Course Overview

Lesson 1: The Basics

Introduction to the principles of flight

Understanding aircraft mechanics

Pre-flight inspections and checklist essentials

Mastering aircraft controls and maneuvering

This session take place in Hong Kong

Lesson 2: Safety First 

Comprehensive safety briefings

Airfield safety briefing  

Aircraft safety briefing

Briefing session take place in Greater Bay Area

Lesson 3:Take to the Skies

Actual practical trial flying experience

including taxiing;


airport circuit navigation;

approach, and landing

Trial flying lesson take place in Greater Bay Area

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Embark on a journey that elevates you above the ordinary and into the extraordinary realm of aviation.

Prepare to gain a holistic understanding of flying and take control in the cockpit under the guidance of a professional licensed instructor. Whether you're pursuing a hobby or a career in aviation, this course is your first step toward the skies. Get ready for the ultimate thrill of flight!

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