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Your Dream Flight Awaits

Experience the Thrill of Flying with a Real Airline Pilot

Fly a Level D Full Motion Flight Simulator - Only with HKPAPA!

Ever wondered what it's like to pilot a commercial airliner? Now's your chance to find out!

Join us for an exclusive, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to fly a Level D Full Motion Flight Simulator, the gold standard in aviation training. This isn't just any simulation – it's your chance to take control under the guidance of a seasoned airline pilot.

Realistic Experience

Step into the cockpit of our state-of-the-art Airbus A320, A330, or A350 simulators, approved by the HKCAD. Feel every movement and scenario as if you're really flying, thanks to our cutting-edge full motion technology.

Expert Guidance

Fly alongside a professional airline pilot, gaining insights and hands-on experience that only a few ever get to enjoy."

A350 Full Motion Flight Simulator FSTD Level D

Real-Time Scenarios

From serene skies to challenging weather conditions, experience a variety of flying scenarios that test and thrill!

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Whether you're an aviation enthusiast, a budding pilot, or simply looking for an extraordinary adventure, our doors are open to all. No prior flying experience is required – just bring your passion for flight!

A350 Full Motion Flight Simulator FSTD Level D

Booking and Contact

Ready for takeoff? Spots are limited, and demand is sky-high! Book your flight now. We're here to make your flight dream a reality.

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Family and Friends Welcome

Make it a unique family event or an exciting outing with friends. Our facility is designed to delight and amaze attendees of all ages.

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