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our instructors

All our flight instructors are full-time professional airline pilots, each session is manned by a type rating instructor or examiner, together with a line captain or line pilot, who kindly volunteer their time to share their knowledge, experience and most of all - Inspire the next generation of pilots and tomorrow leaders.


All our pilot instructors act on a personal capacity and voluntary basis, the event and instructors do not represent or not affiliated to any airlines, company or HKPAPA.

Founder of Flight Experience Day Hong Kong, From design concept to execution, magazine, website design, logistics, course design, website coding, social media, marketing,  bookings, finance, legal and customer contact, etc., with months of planning and countless sleepless nights, Steven is the one-man-band responsible for the event. Purpose: Create opportunities for young people. The environment for young people in Hong Kong has become too negative, with great pressure to study and perform well in school, and too many different outside factors. Steven hopes that through aviation, young people can be inspired to make STEM and English language relevant again in their studies. Able to set goals in life, be the best they can be and use the flight experience to encourage, inspire young people. Success must require dream, hope and efforts.


Currently served as an airline pilot on the Airbus A320 family. It was his dream to become a pilot after spending his childhood watching planes take off and land from Kwun Tong Ferry Pier where his late grandmother resided. growing up with poverty together with dyslexia, his mother works as a cleaner and father as a chef with gambling addiction, becoming an airline pilot was an impossible dream. Prior to becoming a pilot, Steven grew up in Essex, England, where he served as an active member of the community. He was involved in varied roles within the British central government in Westminster and was instrumental to the London 2012 Olympic games, where he served as a young mayor, Olympic ambassador and torchbearer.

During his flight training, Steven created a pilot peer mentoring programme to support other student pilots, Steven and his team have mentored over 1,000 students from 60 different nations. In 2018, in recognition of his achievement, the oldest aviation organisation in the world, The Air League, has awarded him with the Duke of Edinburgh Prince Philip Flying Bursary, (the first Asian to receive this prestigious award in St. James Palace.) Steven was also the first non-native German to work for the largest European airline group. Steven has also received the Princess Diana Award in 2010 for his community work. 


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capt. lek

With an impressive career, Captain Lek has flown the DC10, Boeing 707, 737, 747-200, 300 & 400, Airbus A300-600, A320 and A330. He has clocked more than 28,000 flight hours. He has held Management Roles in major airlines in Asia, such as Chief Pilot, Fleet Standards Airman etc. He has been involved in Training and Checking of Airman throughout his Career. 



Current Bombardier Global 6000 Captain with extensive worldwide airline experience. During his career he has flown the Hawker 400XP, Bombardier CRJ200/700, Global XRS & 6000 and the Airbus 320 & 321. He has been involved in training as instructor and examiner throughout the majority of his career and holds a Master in Aviation Safety from Graz Technical University.


Airbus A320 First Officer, currently flying in South East Asia for the past two years. Before his career as an airline pilot, He has well over 10 years experience working  in OEM business for high end eyewear products. He was finally able to follow his dream after years of working and started his self-sponsored flight training. He still remembers vividly the remarkable moment of his first take off and solo on a Cessna 172.

Many thanks to other unnamed instructors who are unsung heroes and instrumental for making these events possible.


Image by Juan Encalada

Daniel Wong

Having a real airline pilot who can answer my questions is my favorite part; if I have the opportunity again, I will participate in future activities

Image by drimenaim


I am extremely pleased with the flight experience. The Captain gave clear instructions. Even if you don’t know the aircraft, you can sit in the cockpit and control the aircraft with confidence. The briefing and debriefing having heard the pilot’s story is extremely inspiration and motivational. If there are other activities in the future, I will consider participating again!

Image by Lau keith

Wing Lee

This is my first attempt at the flight experience, although the my aircraft handling skill was poor, but the instructor was extremely encouraging and thoughtful, I look forward to the next opportunity, as per the briefing - practices make perfect. It is important to adapt to the same physical strength, and to constantly push myself in my everyday life.

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