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Experience the thrill of a lifetime with a chance to pilot an Airbus A320, A330, or A350 in our state-of-the-art Full Motion Level D Flight Simulator, a facility normally exclusive to training professional pilots. For the first time in Hong Kong's aviation history, this unique opportunity is now open to the general public for a limited time.

Located at the Hong Kong International Airport, our simulators are Hong Kong Civil Aviation Authority approved FSTD (A) Level D full-flight simulators. They offer an unparalleled, realistic flying experience, whether you're an aviation enthusiast or a professional pilot.

Professional pilots can take advantage of our simulator hire for LPCs (License Proficiency Checks) and LSTs (License Skill Tests) to maintain or transfer their type rating to an HKCAD (Hong Kong Civil Aviation Department) license. For aspiring airline pilots, this is an invaluable opportunity to practice for airline assessments in a highly realistic environment.

Don't miss this exclusive chance to take the controls of some of the world's most advanced aircraft in a truly immersive simulation at Hong Kong International Airport. Book your session now and soar beyond the ordinary!

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Flight Experience HK

Flight Experience HK

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Event Overview

All simulated flight activities are conducted by a team of professional pilots and flight examiners, including TRI (Type Rating Instructors), TRE (Type Rating Examiners), airline captains/copilots, or retired pilots who volunteer their expertise as instructors.

The pricing for this event is significantly lower than the market rate, with tickets sold to the public priced below the actual operating costs.

Full-Motion Simulator

For the first time since Hong Kong's establishment, a full-motion simulator worth tens of millions, with a 99% realism level used for professional pilot training, is now open to the public.


This opportunity allows people to experience what it feels like to pilot an aircraft during these pandemic times, sparking everyone's imagination and sense of adventure.

The aircraft simulators include the wide-body Airbus A330, A350, as well as the best-selling A320.

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Operating Costs

Actual market price/simulator rental and operating costs

  • The hourly rate for a general flight examiner is approximately HKD 2,500 to 3,000.

  • The hourly rate for a professional pilot is approximately HKD 1,500 to 3,000.

  • The rental price per hour for a full-motion Level D flight simulator ranges from HKD 4,000 (Boeing/Airbus) to HKD 23,000 (Bombardier Global). The cost of a flight simulator with Level D certification ranges from 7 to 15 million USD.



At the world's top aviation training provider located in Chek Lap Kok


Nearest bus stop: CAD Headquarters (Tung Fai Rd)

S1 ↺Airport (Passenger Terminal) to Tung Chung Station

Full fare $3.5

8 Minutes Walk


Underground Parking available

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Our highest-grade Level D Airbus A320, A330, and A350 Full Flight Simulators (FFS) are top-tier, offering the most advanced functionalities. Level D Full Flight Simulators represent the highest standard in flight simulation.

Pilots are typically required to undergo training and assessment in a flight simulator every three to six months. Another scenario is when pilots need to transition from one aircraft type to another, in which case the simulator is used for what is known as zero flight hour conversion.


With zero flight hour conversion, pilots can make their first commercial flight on the new aircraft type under the supervision of a training instructor, without needing to accumulate a predetermined number of flight hours.

The simulators are equipped with an instructor workstation, allowing the instructor to quickly generate a variety of normal and abnormal scenarios to simulate internal or external aircraft environments.


This includes engine fires, landing gear malfunctions, electrical failures, thunderstorms, microbursts, lightning, oncoming aircraft, wet and slippery runways, navigation system failures, and countless other problems. Pilots must be familiar with these situations and able to take appropriate action.

Full Flight Simulators are multi-million dollar hydraulic devices used only in large training centers. Whether it's training for individual pilots or crew members, flight simulation is a fundamental component. This not only saves time and money but also reduces the risk of personnel loss. Even the costly operation of a Level D flight simulator is significantly less expensive than training in a real aircraft.

Currently, there are approximately 1,200 flight simulators in operation worldwide, with around 15-20 of them located in Hong Kong.

A320 Virtual Cockpit Tour

Airbus A320 series aircraft have common features, in which airlines have begun to rely on achieving the highest operational versatility, the best economy and the best use of flight, fully benefiting the cabin and maintenance personnel.

Since A318, A319, A320 and A321 have the same cockpit and operating procedures, pilots can fly A318, A319, A320 and A321 with a single type of rating.



This means that a qualified pilot of the A320 series aircraft can fly any four aircraft at any time.

Virtual Tour
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" Thank you for organizing this event and giving me this  a wonderful experience. Thank you to all pilots for your hard work. "


—  Ken Chan, Sept 2020

Flight Experience Participant