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Ace Your Airline Interview: Comprehensive Pilot Interview Preparation Course

Elevate Your Career: Master Your Airline Interview with Our Expert-Designed Course

Congratulations on receiving your interview invitation! Whether you're type-rated or not, our interview preparation course in Hong Kong is designed to ensure your success. The airline industry's cultural, procedural, and linguistic differences can be overwhelming, but our expert guidance will make the process smooth and less daunting.

Course Overview

One-on-One Coaching

Receive personalized attention from a pilot recruitment manager and senior training captain

Aviation Psychological Assessment

Get ready for the mental aspect of your airline interview

Group Discussion Training

Sharpen your skills in group scenarios to stand out as a team player

Numerical, Linguistic, and Technical Reasoning

Strengthen your fundamental skills with our specialized training courses


ICAO English Test Training

Ensure your language proficiency meets international standards

Tailor-Made Courses

Customized preparation focusing on your target airline's specific requirements

Simulator Assessment Walk-Through

Understand profiles and charts in-depth

Full Performance Report

Receive comprehensive feedback after your course

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A350 Full Motion Flight Simulator FSTD Level D

Simulator Mock Test

Introducing our Simulator Mock Test - a practical, hands-on test in a full-flight simulator. This additional module is designed to provide you with an authentic experience of airline assessments and boost your confidence before the actual interview.

Typical Simulator Assessment

Raw Data Take off > General Handling > Raw Data Approach >

Go Around > Engine Failure >

ECAM Actions/Memories items > ILS Approach > Landing


Available Level D Simulators

Airbus A320、A330、A350

Study Target Airline’s

Route and Fleet

Familiarize yourself with your prospective employer’s operations.

Understanding Operational Hazards at VHHH

Be prepared for unique challenges like windshear, typhoon, Lantau crosswind, and tailwind landings.

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Knowledge of Hong Kong's Aviation Environment

Gain insights into local flying conditions to demonstrate your adaptability and readiness.

Take the First Step Towards Your Dream Airline Career!


The course is held at the world class training facilities, the heart of Hong Kong's aviation hub. Priced starts from HK$ 5,000, this course is an investment in your future. Optional full flight simulator session available at additional fees.

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