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Youth leadership programme

This is your captain speaking. Let your kids realise their full potential, a high flying start to becoming a pilot. 

50 extraordinary young people aged 11-21 will have the opportunities from aircraft flight simulators to group activities, this comprehensive aviation programme encourages young aviators to have fun, improve and develop core skills together with a passion for aviation, empowering young leaders and future decision-makers from Hong Kong and beyond.

Through engaging activities and flight simulations, Young Aviators aims to inspire and enable these leaders from all backgrounds to shape their own future and the future of the world.

An extraordinary life begins with



Team Building

The foundation of teamwork is to respect personal interests and achievements. The core is synergy and cooperation. 


Through aviation-related team building games, we help our young aviator to develop their communication, social and leadership skills. 

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Young Aviators is a 6 session course specifically designed for empowering teens ages 11-21 and helping them develop tools to create an exciting future.


Exercises in this course are combined from the Personal Mastery and Advanced Leadership courses but are tailored to speak to the hearts and minds of young adults.

6Flight Simulator Sessions
Delivered by Airline Pilots
Six-Principle of flight Briefing
Young Aviators youth leadership Programme

Flight Experience

Turning our young leader into a pilot, the flight experience part is led by an actual airline pilot. This includes six lessons of principles of flight and six simulator sessions.


By the end of the course, you will have the ability to pilot a small aircraft from take-off to landing.

The Association will also issue a comprehensive psychological assessment report, recommendation letter and certificate.

The Young Aviators Youth Leadership Program develops young people’s independent thinking and communication skills, helps the youth find self-confidence, explores future goals, inspires the small universe, develops skills, stands out, and becomes the future leader.

Image by Hanson Lu


Students between 11-21 years old

Current or former leadership positions in the school


Priority is given to students who possess a passion for aviation, well behaved and manners, excel academically or non-academic activities, have experienced in voluntary work or community involvement

Good English language skills

Limited to 50 students per year


Alumni may enjoy $5,000 HKD discount toward their Private Pilot License Course and/or $10,000 HKD discount towards self-sponsored professional pilot license

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