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IWC Schaffhausen x HKPAPA

Celebrating Precision and Aviation Excellence with The Big Pilot Watch training workshop

In a landmark collaboration, IWC Schaffhausen has teamed up with the Hong Kong Professional Airline Pilots Association (HKPAPA) to celebrate the launch of the iconic Big Pilot Watch with an training workshop for their associate. This training workshop not only marks a significant milestone in luxury watchmaking and aviation but also showcases a shared commitment to precision, professionalism, and elite training.

A Unique Blend of Luxury and Aviation Expertise

The collaboration kicked off with an exclusive training workshop held at Hong Kong's state-of-the-art airline training facilities. This event provided a unique opportunity for professionals to immerse themselves in the world of horology and aviation combined, emphasizing the meticulous nature of both fields.

"An Unforgettable Experience"

Suki Chan, the Hong Kong Manager for IWC Schaffhausen, shared her excitement about this initiative: "Partnering with HKPAPA has been a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to bridge the gap between horology and aviation. Our participants had the thrilling experience of piloting an Airbus A320 simulator, which, combined with a tour of the world-class facilities, highlighted the precision engineering behind both pilot watches and aircrafts."

"The Role of a Chronograph in Aviation"

Emily Johnson, Programme Director at HKPAPA, elaborated on the synergy between the two industries: "We are delighted to deliver for the IWC Schaffhausen team, where precision meets professionalism in a luxurious embrace. Not everyone gets to visit an airliner cockpit, let alone pilot a simulator. This experience allows us to explain the critical role of a chronograph watch in aviation, especially in general aviation flying, where timing and precision are paramount."

The precision of IWC Schaffhausen's Pilot Watches offers more than just luxury; it provides an essential tool in the cockpit, aiding pilots in their navigation and timing tasks — crucial elements in aviation.

About The Big Pilot Watch

The Big Pilot Watch by IWC Schaffhausen, with its bold design and uncompromising functionality, is designed for the modern aviator. Its integration into this training exemplifies the fusion of high-end luxury with the practical demands of flying.

Join Us on This Luxurious Journey

We invite all enthusiasts of aviation and horology to explore and discover how the sophistication of IWC watches complements the skilled precision required in aviation. For those inspired by this union of discipline and design, the Big Pilot Watch represents not just a timepiece, but a testament to the heights that can be achieved when luxury meets expertise.


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